Monday, July 6, 2009

Bulletin Board

Sometime ago, I saw a fun idea for a bulletin board on Melissa Priest's blog. Her husband used chicken wire and scrap wood to make a bulletin board. How cleaver is that? So here’s my version…

I found the frame at thrift store for $2 and some change. Borrowed Marlynn’s staple gun (and staples). And, my dear friend, Pam…she’s my “what can WE make as a shower gift” friend (see May 26, 2009) happened to have chicken wire (or poultry wire as it’s called) in her garage. She’s not sure why, but she did. I’ll bet if she looked hard enough in that garage, she could have found me a frame, staple gun and staples.

Also, I picked up a pack of the Bistro Chalk Markers at the Paper Source. Do I have a chalk board? Of course not! Off to the thrift store again. $3 later and I have a chalk board. I plan to paint the frame, pink of course, but since it’s been sitting in my living room for weeks and I was finally motivated to hang the chicken wire bulletin board…up it went.

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  1. If I could get that hubby of mine to finish my walls in my studio, I would soooooo copy this idea.