Saturday, August 15, 2009

Oliver Goes S.O.B.

On our way to Florida, we must make our traditional stop at South of the Border. Since we are allowed to carry Oliver into the Myrtle Beach gift shop, it’s his favorite. I’m not sure why they actually call it the Myrtle Beach gift shop, other than they have few items with “Myrtle Beach” printed on them.

Probably my favorite shop is the El Drug Store. On our first stop a year ago, Phil came out and told me go in and said “tell me what you notice on the wall”. Well, there were two shelves about seven feet high and about four feet wide loaded with (close your ears guys)…lets just say “some products for the ladies”. I took great comfort in knowing that if CVS, Target, Safeway, etc. ever ran out…I could always find them at South of the Border. This trip, they are stocked with the world’s largest fly swatter…

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