Saturday, December 12, 2009

Martha Who?

So yesterday, I (by the way, this is not Oliver) am in one of the big box stores (not the one with red bulls eye). This store recently renovated to include meat, produce, etc. and has rearranged everything. I am in the crafts section and do not see the Martha Stewart products. I ask one of the employees who is stocking the shelves near the craft stuff to find out if they still carry the Martha Stewart products. Guess what? She has no earthly idea who Martha Stewart is. Serious? (Yes, I am.) So, I walk through the store and for giggles, I ask another employee where the Martha stuff is? Are you sitting down? She does not know who Martha Stewart is either! (Are you gasping?) I have the feeling if Martha got word of this, she would not be very happy. Am I just taking it for granted that everyone knows who Martha Stewart is? You know, even Oliver has sat with me and watched her show.

This reminds me of another story from some time ago, I am at Border's and I hear a teenage girl say to her friend "oh, that AUTHOR is still up there speaking." That AUTHOR just happened to be Madeleine Albright, then Secretary of State (that would be of the United States). Okay, to give the high school girls the benefit of the doubt, I probably could not have told you who the Secretary of State was when I was a teenager either. But Martha Stewart? Seriously!

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