Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oliver Goes International

When we adopted Oliver, fortunately for the first two weeks, we were able to be home with him. After that, we were blessed with Uncle Joe. Uncle Joe really isn’t our uncle, but has since been adopted as such. Joe is our dear neighbor Jenny’s fiancĂ© who visits from Ireland for long winter breaks. Uncle Joe volunteered to walk him during the day to help us through his puppy training. First, it started out as walks. Then, we hear he’s visiting Aunt Jenny’s house (eating carrots), going to get “petro” with Uncle Joe or visiting our elderly neighbor Emily and her cat, Chester (who wasn’t very happy when Oliver played with his toys). Oliver apparently was getting well known around the neighborhood, even by the kids walking home from school. So much so that a young girl stopped me this year and asked if that was Oliver? She wanted to know where the old Irish man was that was walking Oliver? And, if I was walking Oliver now? If I was walking Oliver now? Hmmm…you see whose puppy he was becoming?

This past Christmas, Oliver gave Uncle Joe and Aunt Jenny framed pictures of him. We have since heard that Oliver is now proudly displayed on Uncle Joe’s mantle in Ireland.

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  1. Oliver! Good job at collecting your people friends so early. You can never have too small a network in place.--Advice from your pals Lily and Ivy