Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Post Easter

Whew! I'm still full from my Easter lunch at Auntie Marlynn's house. My people shared with me nibbles of Honeybaked Ham, steamed green beans, raspberry pie and vanilla ice cream.


  1. Oliver,
    Your Auntie Marlynn bragged about you on her blog. My mom saw it and told me. You have no idea the conversation this generated at our house tonight. My girl (people sister Erin)knows how to make blog banners but said it was good for me to follow yours for a while. So we signed up to follow-see my pic with mom? First off, I want to know how you convinced them to give you people food on Easter!!! It was a MIRACLE!
    (written by my mom Melissa)

  2. Lily,

    Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog. Mommie is new to this whole blogging thing, so she's going to give it a couple of weeks and then spruce it up for me. I am going to let her blog about stuff going on in her life from time to time. Even though it really is about me. As far as the people food, it's all in the power of cuteness. But, after seeing the cookies for Ivy's birthday, I sense you all are working your own magic.

    (dictated to my Mommie, Larcy)

  3. He is so stinkin' cute that it makes me want a little dog. That one. Are you going to bring him for the 4th of July party this year? I might not let you leave....

  4. You're the best my baby boy! Can't belive you already have girlfriends and followers. . . but that shouldn't surprise me, now should it. You are my one and only nephew pup! Auntie Marlynn