Tuesday, May 26, 2009

About a month or so ago, I helped my friend, Pam, make bridal shower invitations for a shower for her niece. Then, about a week and a half before the shower, she says to me “what kind of favors can WE make for the shower”. Are you catching all this? “A week and a half before the shower” and “WE”. I give her two suggestions of cute ideas I’ve seen recently. First, was a decorated notepad matchbook. Second, was a Post-It Note coaster (see the Chic ‘n Scratch blog for a great tutorial). What do WE decide to make…yes, the Post-It Note coasters.

Fortunately, I have enough coasters, mostly purchased. Some pillaged from Outback and Sweetwater Traven (shhh!). The key is then finding a store locally with the Bind-It All wires in stock. Between Angela’s, The Queen’s Ink and the USPS...we’re in business. And, WE decide WE want them all personalize with the first initial of the guests who are attending the shower. Oh, and by the way, did I mention that WE have to make 36 of them?

I have to say, WE did a fabulous job…didn’t WE!

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  1. You earned a gold star! Yes, you did.....