Wednesday, November 25, 2009

She's Been Crafty

Mommie made this sweet little sign for Auntie Marlynn to welcome her guests to Thanksgiving dinner.

Originially, she saw the idea on Cindy's blog. It turned out to be pretty easy. First, she used painters tape to cover the areas where she did not want paint. Second, sprayed it with primer (Krylon). So let me as you this question "does primer paint only come in grey"? Then, she sprayed it with chalkboard paint (also by Krylon). It took four coats of the caulkboard paint to cover the tray. If you have never used caulkboard paint, you paint one coat in one direction and the second in the other. Beautiful!

Since we're on the subject of caulkboard paint, hop on over to our friend Korie's blog and she what she did with a $2 mirror. Lovie!

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  1. AND..... Auntie M LOVED it. It was nicely displayed on Thanksgiving Day welcoming our newest friend, Thomas, the turkey. He tasted really good if Auntie says so herself! LOL, hugs,