Sunday, November 22, 2009

What Happens at Auntie's, Stays at Auntie's

So, Mom and Dad where in Philadelphia for a couple of days and I stayed at my Auntie Marlynn's. If you are interested in what I have been up to, at least the published version of our story, hop over to Auntie's blog.

In Philadelphia, Mom and Dad came across a couple of great doggie/kitty stores. Doggie Style and BONeJour. From Doggie Style, they brought back for me a t-shirt shaped cookie, Tator-the dog loving gator and a pink piggy. I first thought Mom was going to keep piggy for herself.

But, she gave him up and within the first five minutes, he was missing an eye. Hey, he has two.

(Check it out, I think his ears are bigger than mine! Whatcha think?)

Fortunately, Mom found her own pink piggy.


  1. Home again, home again. I know Oliver is glad to get his people back, and I bet that piggy isn't long for this world!

  2. By night's end, piggy had lost both eye's (which I suspect I'll see later, if you know what I mean) and one nostril. He was working on the tail and finally got tired. Today is a new day.